Science Shepherd

Christian Homeschool Curriculum

Introductory Science

Creation, geology, biology, astronomy, oceanography, meteorology and more!​ Daily 2-5 minute video lessons (including activities), which can be viewed on your own time schedule.

Unearthing the Bible

What we find in the dirt today is exactly what we’d expect to find if the Bible is truly GOD’s Word! Daily 2-5 minute video lessons, which can be viewed on your own time schedule.


Our COMPLETE high school Biology Textbook presented in multimedia video. Daily comprehensive, in-depth video lessons including all information in the textbook, as well as supplemental teachings.

Biology Chapter-By-Chapter

The chapter-by-chapter subscription allows students to access the Biology Video Course one chapter at a time.

Biology Labs

Step-by-step streaming video presentation of 19 Biology Labs, including dissections.

Biology Chapter Review

This component to Science Shepherd Biology offers an automated quiz of the chapter study questions for all 34 chapters of the Biology Textbook.